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New Single "Do Me All Again"
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With depth that accompanies wisdom, the grit of anxiety and influences of yesteryear’s troubadours, enter Mackenzie Thoms: an artist whose debut (“Conviction”) climbed to #1 on Hype Machine’s popular chart and was included in Spotify’s coveted New Music Friday playlist.    

“Do Me All Again” is Mackenzie’s follow-through.  More troubled love adorned with silky trappings of a down-tempo ballad, the chilling harmonies and gospel undertones ahead will exercise the hair from your arms. From beginning to end, the music enchants; the lyrics mesmerize and his smooth, R&B melodies alone is enough to make any casual listener an immediate devotee.   

"Do me all again is about the difficulty being in a relationship. Basically me asking the other person if being with me was worth the heartache. When I wrote this song it was with 2 of my friends when I was in a moment of vulnerability. I really wanted to be express my situation at the time. So that's what I did. I hope when people listen they realize that nobody should ever be with a person who's only giving or getting half of themselves." - Mackenzie Thoms

"Do Me All Again" will be available everywhere January 29th, 2016

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by Mackenzie Thoms

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